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Cotinus coggygria Young Lady (above)
An exciting new ‘smoke bush’ grown for its prolific flowering. Most Cotinus are grown for their brilliant autumn colours or rich purple leaves in summer. This variety will flower on every tip completely covering the bush in a mass of lovely smoky, white tinted pink flowers. Even young plants are heavily flowered.
Liriope muscari Emerald Cascade (above)
This seedling was raised from Chinese seed by Don Teese many years ago. It is densely foliaged and strongly weeping form. It is hardy in sun or shade though will bronze a bit in severe sun. It will even live indoors for extended periods. It is so hardy and densely clothed, my dog used to sleep on it in the sun with no damage. The flowers are hidden in the foliage and are followed by intensely turquoise - blue berries.
Superb in a tub where it weeps down over the edges. Or as a border plant over a rock wall or bank.

Minimum order to be sent $150 plus freight / packaging / quarantine and other costs where applicable.

We have a small selection/range of our plants available at
Cloudehill Monbulk Rd Olinda.

PLANT FAIRS 2014 - 15

Yamina Collectors Nursery will have a stand and be selling plants at the following fairs:

Please contact each organisation to confirm dates.
  • Mt Macedon Plant Lovers Market September 20 - 21st. 2014
  • VIC AOGS 2015
  • Ferny Creek Hort. Society 2015
  • ACT AOGS 2015
  • Collectors Plant Fair, NSW 2015

Welcome to our web site, with many more photographs to be added we you hope enjoy our catalogue. We invite you to visit our Nursery and Display Gardens of Conifers, Maples, Rare Trees and Shrubs.
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34 Mt. Pleasant Rd Monbulk Vic 3793
PHONE (03) 9756 6335 FAX  (03) 9752 0308